Oh, right, I have a blog, don’t I?

I suppose that if I’m going to have a blog on this page, I ought to occasionally write about something.

So, I’ve picked up a new sketchbook, which is the closest thing to the ones that I used to get at the PX.  I have no idea why they had them (the Army was not a hotbed of fine arts activity), but they were hardcover books with toned parchment/vellum paper, and they were the best sketchbooks that I ever had.  Naturally, something that good couldn’t last, and I’ve been on a quest to find something as close to those books as possible.  No luck.

Still, this sketchbook, a Daler-Rowney hardbound book with toned paper, is okay, but those other books were almost indestructible, had absolutely perfect drawing paper for tonal sketches and were the perfect size for a cargo or jacket pocket.  I have to keep looking.

Hooper sketch2


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