A partial list of those that Hillary Clinton has blamed for her electoral loss in November:

• James Comey and the FBI
• Vladimir Putin/Russia
• ‘Anti-American forces’
• Low information voters
• Pollsters
• Barack Obama
• People wanting change
• Misogynists
• Suburban women
• The New York Times
• Cable news
• Joe Biden
• The Democratic National Committee
• Bernie Sanders

The irony is that many of these groups were so in the tank for her that they couldn’t have done more to try to get her elected if they’d personally gone out and physically assaulted Trump supporters (https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2016/06/03/ugly-bloody-scenes-in-san-jose-as-protesters-attack-trump-supporters-outside-rally/), firebombed one of his campaign headquarters (http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2016/10/17/north-carolina-gop-headquarters-firebombed.html) or repeatedly published unsourced, dishonest and hysterical screeds masquerading as news (http://www.cnn.com/).  This is rank ingratitude, not to mention obviously false (I know, I know, Hillary telling a falsehood is inconceivable), but she either believes it, or thinks that we’re stupid enough to believe it, and neither speaks well of her, especially since the people on her side that she’s now blaming for her own failure are not likely to come out for her again.  The willingness to throw her own supporters to the wolves in order to avoid taking responsibility for her own failures is a typical Clinton response (remember those trumped up charges against the Travel Office staff, because simply admitting that she wanted to replace them didn’t look good?  How about her “Vast Rightwing Conspiracy” that was so fiendishly clever that it was able to get her husband’s penis into an intern without either of their knowledge?  Or the videographer that she had jailed to take the heat off her dereliction of duty in Benghazi?  The list goes on), and one that goes straight to her lack of character.

Leaders accept responsibility for their actions.  Malignant narcissists deflect blame on others.

America dodged a bullet when we kicked this harpy to the curb.


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