No Deal

A few points about the Iran deal:

  1. It sucked.  No, really.  We lifted sanctions, gave them money, facilitated their nuclear program and turned a blind eye towards the regime’s terrorism sponsorship.  In return, Iran…  well…  They did exactly what they’d been doing, only more so.  There was zero oversight of their program,  and no mechanism for inspections of the most critical sites.   It was the worst deal since the Red Sox traded Babe Ruth to the Yankees in return for a couple of obscure utility players.
  2. It was corrupt.  In order to pass the deal, Ben Rhodes, a failed novelist with zero foreign policy experience, blatantly lied about the deal to congress, the media and anyone else who would listen, then openly bragged about how stupid the people that he lied to were.  Only, instead of going after him, the media dupes closed ranks to try to protect the deal.
  3. It was even more corrupt.  The Iranian spokesmullahs have openly stated that they bribed various western government personnel to advance the deal, and have threatened to out them (with the amounts or other considerations that they were given) if they don’t fight to reinstate it.  Can’t wait for that list to see the light of day.  This will make the UN’s Oil for Graft program look like a West Point Honor Court.
  4. There’s plenty of incompetence to go around.  Not only did the Israelis get the goods on the Iranian deceptions, they were able to smuggle a ton of records out of Iran, right under the facial hair of the state security apparatus.  The Iranians obviously learned their OPSEC from Hillary Clinton’s server team and John (PASSWORD) Podesta.

The deal is done, over, finis, kaput, and the way that you can tell that is by watching John (un-American Gigolo) Kerry making the rounds of Iranian diplomatic circles to advise them in a desperate bid to get them to do…  something.  The only thing that would make this more pathetic would be if he dragged James Taylor along.


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