Oh, right, I have a blog, don’t I?

I suppose that if I’m going to have a blog on this page, I ought to occasionally write about something.

So, I’ve picked up a new sketchbook, which is the closest thing to the ones that I used to get at the PX.  I have no idea why they had them (the Army was not a hotbed of fine arts activity), but they were hardcover books with toned parchment/vellum paper, and they were the best sketchbooks that I ever had.  Naturally, something that good couldn’t last, and I’ve been on a quest to find something as close to those books as possible.  No luck.

Still, this sketchbook, a Daler-Rowney hardbound book with toned paper, is okay, but those other books were almost indestructible, had absolutely perfect drawing paper for tonal sketches and were the perfect size for a cargo or jacket pocket.  I have to keep looking.

Hooper sketch2


I’ve been procrastinating (I know, whoever heard of an artist procrastinating?  Shocking!) about putting together a website since, well, a certain former vice president invented the Internet, but I finally bit the bullet.  Maybe it’s because, with my army retirement coming up this month, I felt the need to play Ozymandias (“Look upon my works, ye mighty, and try to keep a straight face.  No, really!  I this is my life…  yeah…”), or it could just be a crass, commercial means to promote myself as I look for my next paying gig.  Personally, my money is on the former (but feel free to direct your money towards the latter.  I’m not proud.)  Anyway, welcome.

Graphic Design Page

I’ve added a new page for graphic design work at  I’ve done a lot of graphic design over the years, coming up with cover layouts, logos and even industrial designs for superhero hardware, and don’t get me started on logo parodies.  But, I never really thought about it that way until I had to start applying for positions.  Anyway, more to follow.  Enjoy.